Maul Makes The First Cut
by Andrea Evans
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Sidious regarded Maul with what was as close as he could come to actual fondness. He indulged himself in a rare moment of almost paternal reminiscence. He could remember as clearly as if it happened yesterday, the moment he'd been convinced that the savage brat he'd picked up from Hoth on a whim would grow up to serve him, not just as a random source of mayhem, but as a fully-fledged Sith Apprentice.

It had been at little Maul's bris that Sidious had first known for sure.

He hadn't even expected the whelp to realise what was happening until it was too late. But the boy took one look at the Rabbi and at the blade headed for an admittedly sensitive portion of his anatomy, and screamed. The burst of anticipatory terror was in itself a thrill for Sidious, who up to that point had been bored out of his skull by the collection of obnoxious remote relatives and assorted hangers-on he'd been forced to rub elbows with. It certainly showed that the boy was unusually quick on the uptake for his age. But it was what happened next that really made Sidious sit up and take notice.

The Sith Master hadn't known it was possible for a toddler to perform a Mind Whammy. Let alone a mass one. But he had to admit, Maul had just been given a really pressing motivation. He smirked as the frantic mental command rocketed outward from the thrashing, yelling boy and rendered the Rabbi and everyone else except Sidious briefly glaze-eyed. Well, more so than a moment ago.

You don't need to cut me! You've already DONE it! See, I'm screaming. It's over.

Still a bit blank-faced, the Rabbi readjusted little Maul's clothing and handed the squirming, snarling toddler back to Sidious. Maul promptly buried his sharp milk-teeth into the Rabbi's hand and hung on like a terrier. The waves of vengeful fury Maul was radiating made Sidious's mouth water, even as he tut-tutted and prized the boy's already-formidable jaws apart. Eventually.

Well done, my boy, verrry well done indeed... Sidious smiled down at the now sulking child.

You brought me here... growled Maul, plotting revenge in a most Sithly manner.

And I can always bring you back. And make sure they do it properly next time... Sidious sent a quite exaggerated and incorrect mental image of what the operation would have entailed, and was gratified by the resultant terrified squeak and instant capitulation.

So much potential already... Sidious thought, What will this little handful be like when he's a man, after years of careful molding at my own tender mercies?

Sidious sailed through the rest of the day, a beaming, benevolent smile on his face. Oh yes, the future was suddenly looking very bright indeed. To his eyes, at least.



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