Darth Maul Catches a Break
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Life was good, Maul thought as he sprawled on his beach chair and wiggled his toes. A cooler of Pete's Wicked Ale by his side, a breeze stroking over his horns and a half-naked Obi- Wan doing bicep curls on the balcony next door. Things couldn't get any better.

Which was why Maul kept looking over shoulder, kept expecting the other shoe to drop (most likely Darth Sidious's new, pink sequined pumps). As much as he tried to get comfortable, he got the feeling that things just couldn't last.

Obi-Wan finished his last rep and flexed. Maul whistled approvingly, earning a saucy wink and a blown kiss. For a scrawny Jedi padawan, he certainly was impressive, all lean and tawny. Sipping his ale, Maul watched Obi-Wan towel off, running the towel over his chest and stomach, slowly, teasing Maul while pretending not to. Obligingly, Maul's Sith saber began to stir and poke at his shorts.

Deciding to give Obi-Wan a show of his own, Maul began to run his free hand over his red and black patterned chest, stroking his own well-developed muscles. He let his fingers trail idly over his nipples and could sense Obi-Wan's undeniable desire. He glanced at his neighbor with heavy-lidded, amber eyes and found Obi-Wan's eyes locked on his hands.

They were mirroring each other, their hands tracing similar patterns over their own bodies. Maul licked his lips as Obi-Wan tossed the towel aside and lay back on his own lawn chair, his legs bent and open so that his beige Jedi Academy shorts, damp with sweat, pulled tight, outlining a very un-Jedi-like erection. Slowly, Obi-Wan's long fingers approached the tented fabric. Of their own accord, Maul's fingers followed suit, sliding over the waistband of his blue and green patterned shorts. He knew he had a nice sized tent of his own forming.

The breeze, tickling his erect nipples, made Maul groan as he imaged Obi-Wan's fingers touching him.

Sith do not fantasize about Jedi stroking their nipples, the Sith Handbook muttered. Maul countered with a brief image of his master getting a little too familiar with the handbook's pages and the book, suitably chastised, fell silent, retreating to a dark corner beneath Maul's stereo.

Even the unsavory image of his master was not enough to dull Maul's erotic frame of mind. Let the old man have some fun, he thought, before I rise up and slay him.

Next door, Obi-Wan was openly stroking himself, one hand pulling the fabric even tighter, while the other rubbed the outlined shaft. He was breathing harder, his chest rising and falling quickly. But he managed to keep his eyes locked on Maul, crystal blue and hot. He smiled, leered actually, and Maul almost lost it.


I see your game, Maul thought, grinning suddenly.

Rubbing his fingers over his own shaft, Maul set his beer aside and slid his fingers under his waistband. His other hand pinched at his nipples.

You want me to do this to you, he thought at Obi-Wan. You want me to pinch and squeeze your little brown nipples and twist them in my fingers. You want me to touch that little spot behind your ear and lick your throat.

Across from him, Obi-Wan gasped as he felt hands sliding over him.

"Ooohh, Damn!" Maul let out of a groan of his own as he felt gentle fingers of the Force dancing amid his horns, touching the sensitive bases. You want me to lick your horns, Obi-Wan thought into his head. You want me to suck on them, run my tongue over them.

Maul shivered, feeling the sensations. His stomach fluttered as he felt himself slipping into a sweet, sticky haze, the beginnings of an orgasm.

No you don't! Maul fought back, reaching out to slide his own tendrils of Force over Obi-Wan's muscular thighs. The rugby was doing good for them. Maul tickled the muscles and grazed the upper thighs, so close but not touching. Obi-Wan whimpered and closed his eyes.

Fuck it, Maul thought, pulling off his shorts and tossing them aside. The sudden shock of air on his crotch nearly sent him over the edge again but he fought back, gripping his Sith saber and waving it invitingly at Obi-Wan. Imagine what this feels like inside you, he thought, sliding his fingers up and down the shaft. He concentrated, sending the sensations as he thrust upward, into the air.

Obi-Wan moaned. His own shorts literally flew from his body, disappearing over the edge of the balcony. Laying back, he reached between his legs, bypassing his Jedi saber and its soft-furred accessories, and reaching between those rounded cheeks. Somehow, he spread his legs wider and began working a finger inside. Imagine what I feel like, he whispered to Maul and Maul growled as his saber was suddenly surrounded by a hot, damp vacuum that moved up and down on his.

He could almost feel Obi-Wan's weight on top of him, the lean body pressing into his.

He thrust upward and heard Obi-Wan groan. Forcing himself to keep his eyes open, Maul watched Obi-Wan writhing on his chair, his mouth open and his brow furrowed. He had a fair number of fingers inside himself and seemed like he was trying to get his whole hand up there. His control had slipped entirely as Maul assaulted him with a flood of tactile sensations. Hands and mouths everywhere and that thick, heavy organ thrusting up inside of him.

Maul realized that this was the first time he'd had a clear view of Obi-Wan when they fucked. He usually had his face buried in the padawan's neck and was too busy getting off to pay attention.

But Maul was enjoying the view now, watching Obi-Wan tremble and squirm. "Ooh", he groaned. "Fuck me, Maul!"

That was it for Obi-Wan. Suddenly going rigid, he came, spraying his hand and his belly with pale semen. Slumping back in his chair, Obi-Wan grinned at Maul and winked. "Guess you win," he said, once he got his voice back. He looked around for his towel.

Standing, Maul waved his saber. "How about a re-match?"

Across the street, a round of cheers went up from the small crowd that had gathered to watch from several balconies.

"Gets you hot, doesn't it?" Maul asked, vaulting the short distance from his balcony to Obi-Wan's. "All those people watching us?"

Obi-Wan glanced at the crowd then back at Maul. He licked his lips. "I'm fucked if this gets back to the Qui-Gon," he said.

"You're fucked no matter what," Maul said, sliding his hands up and down his shaft.

Leaning forward, Obi-Wan swirled his tongue around Maul's erection, pulling him into his mouth. Gasping, Maul leaned forward and buried his clawed fingers into Obi-Wan's hair. He couldn't hold back anymore. Throwing his head back, Maul howled and another cheer went up from across the street as Maul filled Obi-Wan's mouth with his rich, yellowish semen. Shuddering, he gasped as Obi-Wan drew back and licked his lips. He winked at Maul and stood, actually sliding up Maul's body.

Throwing a wave to the disappointed gathering, he pulled Maul into his apartment and closed the blinds.



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