Anniversary Story Endings
(followups to Sith Academy 24)
Last updated 6/8/00

By Red Sith

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Maul picked up the pace, Obi's hands kneading his shoulders, his voice knocking in his ears.


Shit! Someone was knocking on the door.

"Gowr awaph!" Maul yelled around a mouthful of Obi.

The knocking just got louder.

"Shite!" Obi complained. "What did you stop for?"

"Unless that was you knocking against the back of my head, we've got company." Maul looked at Obi. The padawan's face was flushed, his kilt tented nicely. Damn! Whoever it was was gonna die.

Maul knew it wasn't his master, that sadistic bastard never knocked. He threw open the door, the glare revved up to planet-killer intensity. "Go away!" he thundered.

"Nice to see you, too, Maul," Mary Sue said brightly as she breezed past him. She nodded at Obi. "Hi, bro."

"Sis." Obi didn't bother to hide his obvious state.

"Guess I interrupted something," Mary Sue smirked.

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Maul muttered, still standing by the door.

"Hmmm..." Mary Sue looked at the chocolate-laden table, the twin towers of Pete's and Guinness. The black candles. The Wookieemint. "Special occasion?"

"Yes," Obi replied.

"No," Maul said.

Obi glared at him. "It's our anniversary."

Mary Sue shook her head and laughed. "Has it been a year already? I never thought you two would make it an entire year. Hell, I didn't even give you six months. Maul, I'm impressed. I didn't think you had it in you."

"Later, you will later," Obi said looking at Maul, his blue eyes burning.

Maul drooled on his shoes.

Mary Sue remembered inspiring that kind of a response from Maul once upon a time. The boy was hooked, whether he admitted it or not. She had to hand it to her brother. He'd gotten what he wanted, even if she thought he was nuts to want Maul in the first place.

"Okay, I know when I'm not welcome," she said. Both of them ignored her. She might as well have been cruising the Outer Rim. "I'll just grab a beer and be on my way, then."

"See you later, sis," Obi said, still not looking at her.

Maul just grunted.

Mary Sue took a beer from the top of the tower and let herself out. There was enough sexual energy in that apartment to power half of Coruscant. Force help the galaxy if those two stayed together another year.

"You couldn't take it either, I guess," she muttered to My Apprentice, who'd snuck out with her when Maul wasn't looking. The hamster-loving padawan had a lot to learn about locks. She twined around Mary Sue's legs as they waited for the elevator.

"I have a great idea," Mary Sue said. "We'll make a girls' night out of it, tuna for you and the Corellian men's rugby team for me."

My Apprentice purred, content that she was still master of the whammy.


Hours later, after Obi and Maul had explored nearly every possible position and a few they'd thought weren't possible, after the ribbon had been awarded to Maul before it was shredded on Maul's horns and in between Obi's teeth, after the beer had been downed and the chocolate consumed and copious amounts of Wookieemint used with wild abandon, they lay exhausted on Maul's bed as the candles sputtered and burned out.

"Happy anniversary, Maul" Obi muttered, his voice trailing off as sleep claimed him.

Maul watched Obi-Wan, an unreadable expression in his golden eyes. It had been one hell of a year. His fingers trailed down the padawan's braid. A Sith and a Jedi. How outrageous was that?

Maul leaned in to kiss Obi softly, then pulled the sleeping padawan close. "Happy anniversary," he said.

END - 6/4/00

By Jedimom

The candlelit room resounded with the sounds of heavy breathing, accented by the occasional yelp and whimper. Maul, his hands fisted in the tangle of tartan around Obi-Wan's waist, was delicately untying the blue ribbon with his teeth and tongue, punctuating his efforts with the occasional warm breath or careful nudge with a horn just to keep the Jedi off-balance.

The ribbon yielded at last and Maul trailed the wet, silken length slowly across Obi-Wan's thigh before dropping it on the floor and pouncing on the Jedi's now-unadorned erection in earnest.

The Jedi moaned with delight, then groaned in protest as Maul abruptly pulled back and grinned teasingly up at him. "Hmm...this is nice, but all that chocolate is awfully tempting. Maybe I'll get back to this later--ARRGH!"

A glob of nearly-melted Chubby Hubby plopped onto the back of Maul's neck and slid excruciatingly down his bare back to disappear into the waistband of his pants. Obi-Wan chuckled wickedly. "You want chocolate? We can do chocolate."

The resulting scuffle distracted both participants from the vague stirring in the Force that accompanied a nattily-dressed figure's progress down the hall towards Maul's door. Senator Palpatine paused and cocked his head, listening to the muffled sounds of outrage and delight and absorbing the waves of lust emanating from behind the door. With a slow, nasty smile he raised his hand in preparation for smashing the door open.

"Senator Palpatine!" The Sith Lord whirled, schooling his expression to its usual bland pleasantness as he recognized the chief correspondent of NNN's Coruscant bureau. "I'm so glad I caught you, Senator," the short red-clad woman puffed, "We understand your reelection campaign just received a major contribution from the Neimoidian Free Trade Association. We're planning a one-hour special on the subject of trade restrictions tonight. Would you be willing to appear as one of our panelists?"

"Why, um, certainly. It would be my pleasure," Palpatine said, his mind racing. Neimoidians? When had this happened? Oh well, publicity was publicity.

"Oh, thank you, sir. We'll need to get you to the studio right away--"

A feline yowl of disappointment echoed off the tile in Maul's bathroom.

In a penthouse office at MacroStiff corporate headquarters, Darth Mary Sue smirked and considered just how big a favor her brother was going to owe her. And the Neimoidian lobbyists should be quite grateful as well. As would her father. For that matter, NNN should be grateful for the scoop, too....

And Obi-Wan and Maul, both liberally coated with melted ice cream, barely paused in their grappling when the couch flipped over onto its back with a resounding thud.

"Oh, YESSS!"

END - 6/4/00

By Siubhan

Obi-Wan tossed back his head as Maul undid the ribbon with his teeth and started skillfully sucking the full length of his shaft. And Obi-Wan had thought he was unusually good at deep-throating. He'd asked Maul about it once, and Maul had mentioned something about the size of Tauntaun teats, and then Obi had had to ask him to please stop explaining before he got more squicked. But now was definitely one of those times that Obi was grateful to Maul's long-lost adoptive mother. If Maul had been this skillful as a toddler, it must have killed her to have him taken away.

He felt strong hands grab his thighs, then roam further up the kilt and tease roughly at his anus and balls. There was no way he was going to last much longer, and tried to say so, but all that came out of his mouth was, "Fooooooooook yeaaaaaaaaah!" Hooking his legs over Maul's back, he arched back and grabbed the arm of the sofa for support. One finger popped through the ring of muscle and stroked just so, and Obi-Wan was lost, howling hoarsely as Maul's mouth wrung him dry, sucking down every last drop.

After he'd caught his breath and regained the ability to focus, he noticed that he'd been propped on his feet, bent unceremoniously over the back of the sofa, greased with Wookieemint, and filled with Maul, who seemed to be taking his time. "What's with the slow pace?" Obi-Wan gasped.

"Don't want to spill my beer."

Obi-Wan twisted his head around incredulously and watched Maul taking a swig of Pete's from a half-empty bottle. "I cannot believe you're drinking beer while fucking me!"

Maul shrugged. "I figure anniversaries call for celebration, so I'm doing two of my favorite things at the same time."

"That's not celebrating! That's insulting!" Obi-Wan frothed indignantly.

Maul grinned wickedly and thrust hard, coaxing a moan out of Obi-Wan's throat. "Want me to stop?"

"I...ohhhhh...I want you to...mmm...put down the....oh!"

Maul took another swig, punctuated with two hard thrusts. "I might screw up my pace if I put it down," he panted.

"Bastard," Obi-Wan seethed.

"Very likely, yes," Maul said, then upended the beer and tossed the bottle over his shoulder, where it squashed a colony of lentil-based creatures sprouting out of Indian leftovers just as they were about to abandon communism in favor of a free-market economy. The refugees got in little rafts and headed for the nearby McEwok's leftovers, hoping for substandard jobs at below subsistence wages.

"Good," Obi-Wan grunted as Maul started speeding up his hips.

Maul chuckled, then in a wicked voice, asked, "Hey, can you reach over and grab me another beer?"

"Fucker!!!" Obi-Wan roared, seething as Maul gasped and emptied himself into him. As Maul collapsed bonelessly on his back, he grumbled, "You've got issues."

"And you've got another hard-on," Maul noted.


Maul stood up, pulled Obi off the sofa, and slung him over his shoulder. "Bed." He knelt down, scooped up the ribbon, and carted him off to the bedroom.

From his vantage point above Maul's still-clothed ass, Obi-Wan asked, "What's the ribbon for?"

"Tying you to the headboard," Maul said, tossing Obi-Wan down on the mattress.

"I can break free from a ribbon," Obi-Wan said with a grin.

Commanding gold eyes flashed down at him. "But you won't."

Obi-Wan's mouth went dry as his arms were lifted over his head and tied to the headboard with the delicate ribbon. With enough manipulation of the Force, he could have broken free of any restraint, but Maul was right; he couldn't break free from this, any more than he could leave his wild lover. Okay, so staying with Maul forced him to flirt dangerously with betraying all the Jedi stood for, but it was worth it. He'd tamed the untamable. Who wouldn't break a few rules for that?

Maul unceremoniously removed Obi-Wan's kilt, then stood at the foot of the bed and slowly took his time kicking off his boots and sliding out of his jeans. Obi-Wan watched, licking his lips, taking in every inch of Maul's supremely muscled physique. Maul reached out his hand, and the lube flew into it from the other room. Obi-Wan groaned in anticipation.

"Say," Maul asked offhandedly. "How long does this anniversary last? Until midnight, or for a full day?"

"I don't know."

"Hm. Well, just in case it's a full day, we'd better keep your strength up." Maul held out his hand again and Force-pulled a pint of Devil's Food Chocolate Sorbet in from the living room. Ripping off the lid with his teeth, he dug his fingers in, scooped out a liberal amount, and, straddling the padawan's torso, deposited it in Obi-Wan's mouth. Obi-Wan moaned and sucked Maul's fingers clean as the ice cream slid down the back of his throat.

"Ah, you like that?" Maul chuckled, settling his butt on Obi-Wan's chest. He scooped out some more, and Obi-Wan greedily and sensuously licked his fingers clean again. They went through about half a pint this way, Obi-Wan's erection getting more and more painful by the second as he strained against Maul's weight, against the slender ribbon. He took small consolation in the fact that Maul's hard-on looked fairly impressive as well, and Maul wasn't exactly known for his patience in bed.

Obi-Wan couldn't help it anymore. As Maul scooped his fingers in to the pint yet again, he let out a whimper. Maul's eyes glinted wickedly, and when he pulled out another scoop of sorbet, this time he smeared it across Obi-Wan's chest, then bent over to lick it off. "You're killing me!" Obi-Wan sobbed as Maul's teeth found his nipple, but well-placed limbs kept him pinned to the bed. He grabbed the headboard tight, ribbon biting into his wrists, and found himself praying to every deity he'd ever read about that Maul would hurry up and stop toying with him.

Another scoop of sorbet, this time swirled across his stomach, and the sensation of cold ice cream followed by a warm tongue nearly set him off, especially when Maul's tongue lapped at his bellybutton. "I'm not going to make it..." he whimpered, inventing more gods just so he could pray to them for strength.

"Of course you are." Golden eyes burned down at him again, and he felt his reserves building up once more. The Wookieemint was back in Maul's hands, and Obi-Wan tried to raise his knees, but Maul shook his head and did something that surprised Obi-Wan. He reached down and coated Obi-Wan's erection with the lube.

"What?" Obi-Wan gasped as he felt the minty tingle.

Pitching the lube over his shoulder, Maul sat down and took Obi-Wan to the hilt.

"Oh GODS yes!" Obi-Wan cried as he felt Maul clench around him. This was so rarely something that Maul offered to do, yet here he was, riding Obi-Wan for all he was worth. He pulled hard against the ribbon, desperate to free his hands so he could stroke Maul's erection. But Maul shook his head again, resting his right hand hard against Obi-Wan's chest and reaching out to pump himself with his left, panting hard. Obi-Wan didn't think he'd ever seen Maul look so erotic, never seen anyone look so erotic, and he felt himself rapidly building toward orgasm. "Maul?" Obi-Wan gasped.

"Now," Maul growled.

And then the world exploded around them.


Obi-Wan slowly came to, relieved to discover that he had not, in fact, gone blind as he originally had thought. No, he could actually see, once he mustered up the strength to open his eyes. Furthermore, he could wiggle his toes, although he couldn't feel them too well. What he could feel was the dead weight of Maul collapsed across his chest.

After untying the ribbon with somewhat numb fingers, Obi-Wan wrapped his arms around his exhausted lover and kissed him gently on a horn, grateful that Maul hadn't managed to skewer him as he passed out. Maul stirred and mumbled something unintelligible. "Hey," Obi-Wan said softly.

"Mmph," Maul replied as he levered himself up on one elbow. "Hungry."

Obi-Wan grinned and rolled his eyes. "Shall we get Chinese food delivered and eat it off each other's naked bodies?"

"You're on," Maul grinned back. "Hey, you think we can celebrate anniversaries more often?"

Obi-Wan's eyes grew soft again. "Of course."


"All right!"

END - 6/4/00

By by J.A. Nessossin

[The boyz still belong to George Lucas; the Sith Academy, My Apprentice, and this anniversary scenario belong to Siubhan; Fluffi-Wan belongs to the Artist Formerly Known as the Intrepid Housemate Melissa; and Cuddles belongs to Another Diversion. Thanks to all, and happy anniversary, Siubhan!]

My Apprentice lurked in the bathroom, bored and annoyed, hoping that the ecstatic sounds from beyond the door would hone her rage to the point that she could use the Force on the lock. There was a soft scrabbling sound behind her. She spun, peering into the darkness under the sink.

There, behind the grating that covered the ventilation duct, was the adorable young Jedi's entirely too frustrating hamster, Fluffi-Wan. He was standing on his tiptoes, tongue poked into one of his cheek pouches in concentration, carefully undoing the fastenings on the grate.

This was interesting. Are we feeling suicidal? My Apprentice inquired archly.

The hamster stared into her eyes, not ceasing in his labors. At the moment, he mind-spoke in return, I think you and I may have a common cause.

What could that possibly be? She extended her claws lazily. Amuse me and I'll let you live.

My master is making a terrible mistake. He's scheming like a Sith, and I can't stop him. Fluffi-Wan drooped. He's partying with your master right now--

Ah, ah, she warned. You mean my APPRENTICE, I think.

Oh, whatever. You saw all the goodies he brought over. He's planning to get your...apprentice, if you a very, very good mood--then ask him to move in with us. If we work together, we still have time to stop him.

Umm, a full-time Jedi backscratcher. My Apprentice purred inwardly. And what's the problem with this? Other than your need to sleep sometime, I mean.

They're entirely wrong for each other! My master is Light Side, yours...your apprentice is Dark Side. Fluffi-Wan's eyes darted wildly. You can't approve of this any more than I do! If they start living together, think where it could lead next! A Jedi wedding? You don't want to see that apprentice of yours wearing beige robes, do you? he coaxed.

No, I don't. She ambled closer to the grating, feigning thoughtfulness. On the other hand...that master of yours would look just fine in black.

It's YOU! Fluffi-Wan's eyes widened in horror. You've set this whole abomination up! Arranged it from the start! All along--it's been you!

Right in one, she purred, and sprang, hitting the grate with her full weight. The last fastener gave way, and Fluffi-Wan was running for his life, with My Apprentice in the hottest pursuit she could manage in a narrow duct.


Fluffi-Wan, drawing on the Force as strongly as he could, ran so fast that his tiny legs were a mere blur; but at the same time he was planning, looking for opportunities to present themselves. He shot out of the duct into Obi-Wan's apartment, the Sith cat hard on his heels. He leapt onto the living room table, where Obi-Wan's Polaroid camera was sitting out; dodged behind it; frantically punched the button as the cat sprang.

My Apprentice fell back with a snarl, momentarily blinded, and Fluffi-Wan, calculating, sprinted for the kitchen, where there were more breakables.


Obi-Wan and Maul sprawled under an unwrapped kilt on a heavily chocolate-stained couch. The Jedi waved a piece of candy in front of Maul's eyes. "Want more?" he taunted. "Then you'll have to come and get it," and he popped it between his teeth, and backed away teasingly.

Maul lunged for him, caught him and pressed their mouths together. Obi-Wan relinquished the chocolate bit, thinking that would be the end of it, but Maul took the candy away and let the kiss continue, biting at Obi-Wan's lips then slipping the tip of his tongue between them. He moaned in delight, bringing his hands up to caress Maul's naked back, his smooth skull, his delectable little horns. Maul went limp in his arms at that; their bodies flowed together like melted Godiva.

He thought he heard a distant crash--not from his apartment, surely?--but ignored it, fumbling with the button-fly on Maul's jeans. He pushed the Sith down on the couch and bent his head lower, his tongue busy. Maul writhed beneath him. "Oh, yes!" Maul cried, arching his back, digging his claws into the couch cushions. "Oh, YES, lover, yes..."

Cha-ching! Obi-Wan thought in triumph. His mouth full, he settled for a passionate mumble in response, gripping his partner's hips with desperate abandon. His own arousal reached a fever pitch; he was on the verge of losing control of his desire, exploding with pent-up orgone, maybe. And suddenly there was an explosion that seemed to go on forever, but not in his loins but on the other side of the wall, and it sounded like a whole roomful of glass breaking at once.

"What the fuck?!" He raised his head sharply. "Something's trashing my goddamn apartment?!"

"I don't care!" Maul groaned and tried to drag him back down.

"Yeah, well, it's not your apartment." He started disentangling himself with regretful caresses. "I'd better just run over and find out what the hell happened; I'll be back." Hastily wrapping his kilt around his waist, he bent to bite his lover's throat. "Count on it."


Obi-Wan's footsteps sounded in the hall. And his voice. "Oh dear, who's a sweet widdle fwuffy kitty den?" Oh, NO. "Oo didn't get oo's dear widdle paws hurt on all that nasty bwoken gwass? Here, lemme see em, there's a sweetie." Maul gave serious consideration to fetching his lightsaber and killing his cat, and was finally restrained only by the fear that this sight would reduce Obi-Wan's libido.

Obi-Wan slipped through the door, holding My Apprentice by the scruff of the neck and grinning sheepishly. "Oh, dear, I'm afraid your delightful little kitty got in to play with my hamsters and they got a little rambunctious. It's okay now. What shall I do with her?"

"Better lock her in the bedroom," he said curtly, adding for the cat alone, You are in bigger trouble than you can possibly imagine. She responded with a wordless burst of seething fury, that continued to ooze from the bedroom after the door had been closed on her.


Fluffi-Wan, lurking unnoticed in the hallway, noticed that the door of the Evil One's apartment had failed to latch completely: his sadly misguided but cherished master, hands full of cat, had neglected to tug on the knob. Good; that would make Fluffi-Wan's task much easier.

He scuttled back to Obi-Wan's apartment to find Cuddles, who turned out to be fast asleep in the exercise ball that he had grown almost too fat to fit inside. He hadn't even roused for the--as Fluffi-Wan saw it--titanic battle of Jedi vs. Sith. Shaking his head, Fluffi-Wan went to retrieve the picture that Obi-Wan's camera had produced.

He dragged this picture, a spectacular if blurred view of My Apprentice's face in mid-attack, down to the exercise ball in his teeth, then clutched it in his front paws while kicking at the ball to get Cuddles' attention. As the other hamster began to peer about sleepily, he reared up on his hind legs, plastering the photograph against the side of the ball.

Cuddles' eyes bugged out. He emitted a piercing squeak of terror, then he was off and running at what was by his own standards a flat-out gallop. (By Fluffi-Wan's rather higher standards, he wasn't even out of first gear.) Fluffi-Wan dropped the photo and jogged beside the ball, throwing his weight and Force-energy against the side to guide the panicked hamster in the proper direction.


Cuddles, gasping for breath, stopped running and looked around. He scarcely noticed that Fluffi-Wan, off to one side, was allowing him to stop; he was much more interested by the novelty of his present surroundings, and by the sensation of his beloved master's presence. He'd bolted down a long, dimly lit hallway, and had suddenly been steered into a room that he'd never seen before, even darker and filled with sights, sounds and smells that he couldn't begin to interpret.

The sharp scent of mint stung his sensitive little nose, but the odor of his dear master cut through it to draw his attention. His master's cherished voice echoed in his ears. "Oh Force, don't stop, don't stop!" Then, alarmingly, the master moaned as if in terrible pain. A deep voice, a voice that Cuddles recognized and feared, laughed softly. Cuddles drew a shaky breath, gathered his courage, and waddled forward.

There, naked on a black leather couch, was his master--and there, too, was the horned red-and-black monster who haunted his nightmares, who wanted to steal his beloved master away from him, looking at the master as if it owned him already. That was bad enough, but when his master, smiling, began to stroke its tattooed belly--in exactly the way that Cuddles himself preferred to be petted--lavishing on it the caresses that Cuddles had earned through months of selfless devotion--the anguish was more than any hamster could endure.

Cuddles drew in breath as deeply as he could, preparing to utter a scream of grief and rage. But the exercise ball that confined him was too small to allow him to do this (he thought that the thing had been shrinking, lately) and when he expanded his lungs to their full capacity, his body was squashed violently against the sides of the ball, which held for a microsecond, bulging, and then snapped.

"Did you hear something?"

"Never mind!"

Cuddles, realizing that he was free, charged in a blind rage to attack the beast that was stealing his love. Climbing was as far out of reach for him now as was leaping, so his only available target was one of its feet, which was fortunately planted on the floor. He scrambled onto that foot and dug in with his teeth and claws.


"Argh! What the hell is that?"

"Relax," Obi-Wan soothed, "it's just a pastry whisk. You know I'm not gonna hurt you..."

Maul glared at him. "Not that, idiot; something's eating my foot!"

He flung his foot up, and both men received a confused candlelit impression of something like a giant furry hacky-sack flying towards the ceiling. Silently, they watched this object's graceful parabolic trajectory, idly projecting, as people will when they see something sailing through the air, where the thing was likely to land at the end of it. This turned out to be about halfway down the couch.


"Oh, Cuddles!" Obi-Wan said reproachfully. "However did you get in here? Maul, it'd stop bleeding faster if you'd just leave it alone. I'll just take this silly widdle boy back home and then--"

"Then nothing," Maul said icily. "Out."

"Oh, but Maulie--"

"Don't call me that!" He threw Obi-Wan's kilt at him and started yanking on his clothes. "I've had enough of your ridiculous Jedi crap for one evening. Patchouli, indeed. Hamsters! Pick this nonsense up and get OUT!"

He shoved the padawan out the door and stomped to his bedroom. My Apprentice was prowling on the other side of the door, fur standing up furiously. Mellowing a little, he sat down beside her and started to stroke her. "I don't know what YOU'RE so upset about."

She hissed. I swear I will kill that hamster if it's the last thing I do.

"Come to think of it," Maul said, "I don't know what I'M so upset about."

Give me a little longer to work on it, she answered, and you'll understand.

He frowned. "You're not making much sense tonight."

Don't worry about it.

END - 6/8/00

By The Intrepid Condo-Owning Housemate Emerita Melissa TM

Obi-Wan gasped as Maul licked a lazy trail along the underside of his cock. His fingers entwined themselves in Maul's horns, urging further attention.

Maul paused.


Maul had a wicked gleam in his eye. "Then don't interfere. You're distracting me." Maul snagged the blue ribbon from where it had fallen on the floor. "I'm just going to have to tie your hands back out of the way."

Obi-Wan found himself pushed forward at the waist. Maul pulled his hands behind him and snugly tied his wrists together with the ribbon. Obi-Wan acquiesced, willing to play the game but knowing that he could Force his way out if needed.

Maul pushed Obi-Wan back against the sofa and returned his attention to Obi's neglected penis. "Oh, yesyesyes.." Obi-Wan gasped.

Maul paused again.

"Shite, now what?"

Maul grinned evilly. "You're making too much noise. I can't concentrate." He waved a hand at the pile of chocolate, and a pair of chewy caramels levitated off of the table. "This ought to keep you quiet," he said, popping the chocolates into his victim's protesting mouth.

"Mrph mph uh," Obi-Wan replied, the caramel gumming his teeth together.

"Much better." Maul swirled his tongue around the tip of Obi-Wan's penis, causing the Padawan to moan incoherently around his mouthful of chocolate. When Maul suddenly swallowed him whole, Obi-Wan bucked his hips.

Maul paused again.

Obi-Wan glared at his tormentor. "Nfh whaa?"

Maul gave a long-suffering sigh. "You wriggle too much. I can't do this properly if you insist on wriggling."

Obi-Wan felt a firm but gentle Force-push against his skin, and found his hips and legs were being held in place.

"Yes, that will do," Maul smirked, enjoying himself greatly. With exaggerated care, he brought one hand up to slowly stroke Obi-Wan's balls.

Unable to move his hips and determined to move things along, Obi-Wan closed his eyes and sent Maul a barrage of the filthiest telepathic images he could think of.

"Getting anxious?" Maul replied mildly. He then shot back early memories of the bitter winters on Hoth, a sensation that cooled Obi-Wan's ardor -- for the moment.

Fuck you!

You're the one getting fucked, Jedi.

Maul reached for the Wookieemint and liberally coated his fingers with lube. Then, ever so slowly, he slid one finger inside of Obi-Wan. The Padawan moaned in frustration. Eventually, he worked a second and then a third finger inside. With his other hand, he coated his own erection in lube. When Obi-Wan's mental communication had been reduced to incoherence, Maul pulled him to the edge of the sofa, lifted Obi-Wan's legs, and pushed himself inside.

As Maul's concentration shifted, Obi-Wan found himself free to move again. He swallowed what remained of the caramel chocolates, yanked his hands out of the ribbon binding them, and began to rock in time with Maul's movements. Maul was no longer rational enough to notice, and shortly they both came with shouts loud enough to rattle the good china in elderly Mrs. Thrawn's apartment way down on the third floor.

Some indeterminate amount of time later, they regained consciousness and found themselves sprawled on the floor.

"Wow," was Obi-Wan's evaluation.

"Ditto." Maul turned to Obi-Wan. "How often do we get anniversaries?"

"Once a year, silly."

"Yeah, but this is just the anniversary of when our paths crossed. When do we celebrate the other anniversaries, like the first time you stole my car?"

"Or the first time we slept together?"

"Or your concert tour?"

Obi-Wan smiled. "If we think hard enough, I imagine it will always be the anniversary of something."

"Good. Because if this is how they're celebrated, count me in."

END - 6/12/00

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