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Equal and Opposite Reaction
The Plausible Ending
by Siubhan

Posted 8/23/00

I hold her hand against my cheek for a moment, then let go and watch her walk away.

My lawyer stays behind and stares at me coldly through the bars.

Oh shit.

Her eyes shift and become flaming yellow as she pulls a cell phone from her pocket. "Magneto? He let Xavier inside his head. Leave now." She ends the connection, then dials another number. "Yes, this is Angela Sloman. I'd like to leave a message for the attorney general. Tell him his plea bargain has been rejected. The prisoner didn't cooperate." She closes the phone and tucks it back into her pocket.

"Are you here to kill me?" I ask, pulling myself to my feet and standing up against the bars. If she's going to do it, I'm going to make it easy for her. I sold her out. She's earned the right. I can't fight her. Can't fight anyone anymore.

"I thought about it," she muses. "But then I thought jail might be better for you. It'll kill you slower."

I sink back down to the ground. No point in expending any energy. There's nothing left for me. Jail's the right answer. She's right.

"I wonder what kind of restraints they'll need to fashion to keep you there?" she taunts. "Or are you just going to be a good little prisoner and do what they tell you?"

"I'm not going to fight anymore," I mumble as the haze of numbness wraps around me again.

"So I've noticed. Guard?" she calls. "Is the van here yet to transport him to the airport?"

"Just pulled up."

"Goodbye, Mortimer," she grins, eyes shifting back to brown.

I barely notice as the handcuffs and the leg-irons go on.

I hear the sickening crunch. I see her head loll.


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